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Solar For Your Home

Solar energy produces clean, green electricity directly from the sun, not from dirty and dangerous fossil fuels. As such, solar power is helping reduce our country’s reliance on oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels. By going solar, you will be doing your part by helping reduce our use of fossil fuels and rely instead on a renewable source of energy.

Rest assured that your solar power system produces no harmful emissions into the environment. Our purpose is to lead a solar energy revolution and We do this by providing quality solar panels, quality solar installation professionals and quality assurance and quality control processes to help ensure our customers’ solar power systems perform as promised.

Will Solar Work for You?

How well a solar power system works for you depends on several considerations, including:

Going solar works for residential property owners if:

  • You own your home
  • Your roof has shadow free area.

If your home or property meets these minimum qualifications, you are an excellent candidate for going solar.

After an initial phone consultation to gather some basic information, Pomera & Co Ltd will send a qualified project developer out to your home at no cost to you to verify if your home is good for solar project . Your project developer also will review your options and provide you detailed finance options.

Does Solar Power Make Financial Sense for You?

Homeowners often wonder whether solar power installations are cost effective. Yes it does make financial sense as whatever the system cost you are going to put initially, that investment is guaranteed returned back to you in span of 5 years .

Rate Of Return is 20% per annum through saving .

Lower Power Costs and Lower Bills- The most obvious financial benefit of solar power is that it can lower your utility bills . It’s a simple equation, actually. Any power you produce yourself through your solar panels is power that you don’t have to purchase from the utility. What’s more, when your system produces more power than you’re using, that power is sent back into the grid where it’s redistributed to users. And if your utility provider supports net metering, you’ll receive a credit for the excess energy. When that happens, your solar system is actually making you money!!

Peace of Mind

Going solar is a big decision. Installing your own solar power system to deliver clean, green electricity generated from the sun’s rays directly to your home and your community will power your property for the next 25 years.

You can also rest easy knowing that the same state-licensed electricians who work on our large industrial solar power projects will be working on your project. You will have the same level of experience, training and expertise on your roof as was used to design and install large systems installations.

Join the Solar Energy Revolution

Now that you’ve read all about our purpose for being in business, our quality people and solar power products we use, our strict quality controls and the high-performance systems we install, you may be asking yourself, “why wouldn’t I choose Pomera & Co Ltd” We continue to set the standard for quality, professionalism and performance guarantees. The quality of our design, installation and monitoring is unmatched and will provide you and your family the clean solar energy your home needs for decades to come.

When you are ready for a free, no-obligation phone consultation to determine your energy needs and see how much you can save by going solar, we have people standing by  Or, submit your contact information on our website and we’ll be in touch.

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