Installation Type

Pomera & Co Ltd sets the standards for quality in every aspect of what we do. Our processes and procedures detail every aspect of each solar power system we design and install.

Conventional Roof Installation

With conventional hip type roofs will utilize conventional solar racking where the solar panels are mounted on railing which is mounted approximately six inches from the roof surface and in the same plane as the roof surface. This solar application is what is typically found in a residential solar installation.

Flat Roof Installations

For these types of structures two types of solar installations are typically used, either a tilt-rack solar installation or a ballasted racking solar installation. For asphalt torch down roofs, a tilt-rack solar application is often times the most cost effective solution. For TPO, or membrane roofing, it is often preferable to utilize a ballasted solar racking solution to minimize or eliminate roof penetrations.

Ground Mounted

When a roof mounted or carport mounted solar array is not feasible or desirable, a ground mounted solution can be utilized to reduce or eliminate a  property’s electric charges.

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