Finding Solutions

Pomera leverages the unexpected to exceed expectations.

Commitment to Solutions is one of the four cornerstones of our culture. We take pride in overcoming any and all barriers to project success.

“They responded to changes in the schedule that were outside of their control. We never would have gotten the project done on schedule without that.”

We pay attention. We look for ways to do the job better and more efficiently in all of our service areas. We take responsibility for all members of the project team, including our subcontractors and suppliers. When problems arise, we don’t cut corners, point fingers, or hide behind paperwork. We adapt. We bring solutions to the table. The result? Our clients experience fewer problems and delays, and they seize more opportunity along the way.

Results for our clients

When a client’s supplier failed to obtain a critical permit for component delivery, Pomera identified a new delivery route and completed permitting, engineering, and construction for two required bridge modifications on the route—all within 30 days—to keep the project on schedule.