Demanding Safety

Pomera takes an aggressive, proactive approach to safety

Pomera Energy is committed to project safety at all levels of the organization. Our focus on leading indicators results in an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) that ranks in the top 5 percent of all construction, and our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) is industry-leading. Pomera Safety System Philosophy is “Plan, Do, Monitor, Act.” Our processes are developed around identification of leading indicators. Some of these processes include:

  • Pre-project Risk Assessment that focuses on risk reduction
  • Safety professionals on every project
  • Site-specific safety plans
  • Company and site-specific safety orientation for every worker
  • Specific task training for various work activities
  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) prior to every work shift or activity
  • Weekly All-Hands and Weekly Project Leader safety meetings
  • Behavior-based safety program Changing Attitudes Towards Safety (C.A.T.S.)
  • Monthly safety review meetings for the project’s managers
  • Monthly Site Safety Audits
  • Weekly and monthly monitored dashboards
  • Near Miss reporting

“I think Pomera is industry leading. Everyone is very diligent, gets the proper training, and understands the hazards.”

Pomera is also one of few contractors in the world to commit to a behavior-based safety program. Our “Changing Attitudes Towards Safety” program, or C.A.T.S., is led by a committee of field supervisors and foremen with support from corporate leadership. This committee develops observation processes to determine safe and at-risk behaviors in the field. Trained C.A.T.S. Observers on every project observe their fellow employees and provide immediate feedback through one-on-one conversations. Employees receive positive reinforcement for safe behavior and are asked to correct at-risk behavior by determining a safer solution. The process is “no name, no blame” and encourages teamwork to keep the entire project site safe. By reinforcing proactive safety measures and immediately correcting at-risk behaviors, the C.A.T.S. program ensures accidents and injuries are prevented before they ever have a chance to occur.

Results for our clients

In addition to daily JHAs, weekly safety meetings, and safety committee meetings, our C.A.T.S. program sparks an average of 1,200 one-on-one safety meetings per month. Since the program’s implementation in 2004, Pomera key indicators show dramatic decreases in incidents and time away from work, ensuring we provide our clients and employees with industry-leading safe workplaces..