Adding Value

Every Step of the Way.

Pomera regularly looks for ways to add value throughout the project lifecycle, whether it’s through cost reductions, system enhancements, schedule certainty, or overcoming challenges that seem impossible at first.

“I feel they are always looking for ways to save us money. They are always willing to suggest things to us.”

The reason we add hundreds of thousands of dollars in value isn’t necessarily because Pomera has more capabilities than any other EPC contractor. The value we add comes from being flexible and dedicated to serving our clients. It comes from having a wide range of power generation construction expertise in all the markets we serve. It comes from digging in, thoroughly understanding the project, and looking for simpler, better ways of getting it done.

Results for our clients

Pomera proactively proposed and implemented a modified foundation design for a solar panel module that cut two months off the project schedule and saved a net 400,000 in budget.